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After a long time of studying and teaching the Powershell, I came on the idea to convert the courses into the blog posts. Official Microsoft courses such as 10961C and 10962C are very good, but I found during the examination that some points on the deep dives are missing, about why and how. As a Powershell lover I want to share everything that I collected on my journey with others, and have one central place for myself, so I can be reminded if needed about some tips and tricks.

At the beginning of writing the blog series, Powershell 7 is in the preview, Powershell Core is already widely being used. I will try to cover differences between familiar – .NET Framework based Powershell which is running purely on Windows and .NET Core Powershell which is cross-platform version of this scripting/configuration framework.

Since I was dedicated to Powershell which is running on Windows, it will be quite a journey for me as well to examine all new capabilities of Powershell Core.

You will be able to follow blog posts and study Powershell from zero-to-hero. In case I find something useful on certain topics, I will always update the materials, so you are up to date. All your comments are very appreciated, and will be taken into the consideration as the material revision.

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