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Hi there! You just landed on my website, which is more-less all about cool Tech stuff!

My name is Nemanja Jovic. I have started my career when I was 17, working as the System Administrator for the small graphic design retail company. Just after a year I got heavily addicted and interested in all kinds of computer systems. In the meantime switched couple of companies, ranging from the small, medium up-to enterprise-scale corporations. My home country is Serbia, today I live happily positioned in the heart of the Netherlands, lovely Amsterdam.

On my unique journey, I met a lot of smart and interesting people, I still enjoy doing that on a daily basis, being inspired by brilliant minds and sharing a piece of thought.

At the moment, I act as the automation expert, working mainly with Powershell and Microsoft Azure. I have published numerous contributions to Microsoft Technet Gallery, hereby I owe the gold medal for Powershell contribution, I am also an active Microsoft Trainer.

You can check out all kinds of cool stuff that I published on my Gallery profile – MSTechNet.

My vision is to keep doing the cool stuff which inspires me to always go forward with the technology, deliver knowledge to the people and grasp as much as possible.




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